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This is a fundamental thematic section of the Festival that combines reflections on literature and film. The programme of the OFF CINEMA 2022 Festival provides for two types of literature meetings. The first one includes discussions of publications on the history and theory of film, which address important issues in contemporary cinematography. The second type encompasses meetings with reporters who, by combining their journalistic skills with their ability to develop interesting stories, give us an in-depth and complex picture of the world or the biographies of their protagonists. It is also important to us that the books presented at the OFF CINEMA Festival fit in with the Festival programme and its thematic series: "The Nearest East" ("The Imaginary City of Lviv" by Ziemowit Szczerek), "Mountain Docs" (reportage "Podhale. Everything for Sale" by Aleksander Gurgul) and "Eco Doc" ("Simona. The Extraordinary Life of Simona Kossak" by Anna Kamińska).




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