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Mountains and people - desires, dreams, passion, goals and experiences are born from this combination. They are, however, often accompanied by failures, pain, suffering and tragedies. Despite the risk, people are still looking for adventure, extreme challenges, excitement, peace and quiet in the mountains and for an opportunity to learn about themselves. Mountains and people are also hundreds of individual stories worth telling. They are a source of inspiration for filmmakers for future productions. Thanks to these images, viewers can be transported to the mountains. They can experience various emotions and reflect on what they see on the cinema screen. This year, at the OFF CINEMA Festival, we will have a chance not only to participate in mountain experiences captured on film but also to meet professionals during Q&A sessions after the screenings: with the Himalayan mountaineer Monika Witkowska, glaciologist Jakub Małecki, PhD, and the director of the Polish film about polar explorers, Ryszard Kruk.


THE LAST MOUNTAIN | reż./dir. Christopher Terrill, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2021, 107’
18.10 | g. 20 | Sala Wielka
Po seansie zapraszamy na spotkanie z himalaistką, Moniką Witkowską.

BURIED | reż./dir. Jared Drake, Steven Siig, USA 2022, 100'
19.10 | g. 20.15 | Sala Wielka

W OBJĘCIACH LODU / INTO THE ICE | reż./dir. Lars Ostenfeld, Dania/Denmark, Niemcy/ Germany 2022, 86'
20.10 | g. 17.30 | Sala 1
Po seansie zapraszamy na spotkanie z glacjologiem dr Jakubem Małeckim.

HAHUT | reż./dir. Ryszard Kruk, Polska/Poland 2022, 49’
21.10 | g. 18.30 | Sala 1
Polska premiera. Po seansie zapraszamy na spotkanie z reżyserem, Ryszardem Krukiem.

HOUSE OF THE GODS | reż./dir. Matt Pycroft, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2021, 43’
22.10 | g. 20.30 | Wieża Zegarowa (spotkanie przed seansem przy kasie CK ZAMEK)

AN ACCIDENTAL LIFE | reż./dir. Henna Taylor, USA 2021, 86’
23.10 | g. 16.30 | Sala Wielka
Po seansie zapraszamy na spotkanie z podróżnikiem Michałem Worochem.


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