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"Season" is a collection of the most important documentaries of the last year that were released in cinema. Large numbers of people went and continue to go to the cinema to get closer to the seemingly distant phenomena that the filmmakers decided to present to them. This gives us an opportunity to enter the natural world, which we will explore with the majestic snow leopard, as well as with the reliable four-legged friends of elderly men hunting truffles. People that few have heard of, because they prefer to stick to hot volcanoes and the flame of their love, or those that everyone has heard of, like Lady Di, will become close to us. All these authentic stories have absorbed, or are yet to absorb, fans of documentary films in 2022.


TRUFLARZE / THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS | reż./dir. Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw, Grecja/ Greece, USA, Włochy/Italy 2020, 84'
21.10 | g. 17 | Sala 2
WULKAN MIŁOŚCI / FIRE OF LOVE | reż./dir. Sara Dosa, Kanada/Canada, USA 2022, 93'
21.10 | g. 20.45 | Sala 2
DUCH ŚNIEGÓW / THE VELVET QUEEN | reż./dir. Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier, Francja/ France 2021, 92’
23.10 | g. 17 | Sala 2
DIANA. THE PRINCESS | reż./dir. Ed Perkins, Wielka Brytania/United Kingdom 2022, 106’
23.10 | g. 20.30 | Sala 1

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