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The events of the last year particularly prompt us to look at and react to the situation in the East closest to us. That is why our attention is focused on that direction. The "Near Middle East" section features films that present the perspective of people from Poland's neighbouring countries and help us get a better understanding of their experiences and learn about their culture. This section is dominated by films directed by filmmakers from Ukraine ("Infinity According to Florian", "Terykony", "Free Man. Pilgrimage"), including the unique dilogy "Mariupol" and "Mariupol 2" by Mantas Kvedaravičius, which focuses on people who try to live their everyday lives despite the fighting nearby. The Lithuanian director was killed in Mariupol during the making of the second part of the film. However, the eastern context is broader and, for this reason, the programme also includes documentaries made by directors from Poland ("The Hamlet Syndrome" and "Last Sunday in the Pre-War Lviv") and Belarus ("When Flowers Are Not Silent"). Our intention is also to reach out to the youngest, which is why we will screen a Ukrainian animated film, "VICTOR ROBOT", as part of our Kids' Morning series.




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