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"Is cultural life possible under martial law?" - a meeting with Yuliia Antypova

meeting held in English only


The countdown of Kyiv cinema “Zhovten” history began in 1931. We have positioned ourselves as an art mainstream cinema, as well as an art house, the House of European Cinema, the House of Ukrainian Cinema.  There are 773 sits at the cinema. Also there is a conference hall for 40 seats with a video screen, pop-corn bar, cafe "Gastroll”. There spaces "Cinema Gallery" with video screen. Also, the bookstore there with books are related to cinema. There are genre, arthouse, main stream, festival and documentary movies. The main repertoire is made up of films from recent programs of world film festivals, author's cinema, documentary films. One of our missions is to increase tolerance and equality in Ukrainian society, in which there is a place for different people with different values, by the power of cinematography.


My name is Yuliia Antypova. From Kiev, Ukraine. I`m 46 years old. After finishing school I entered the economics university. I have worked in the film industry since 2014 as a cinema chief manager. From 25 of April 2018 I started work in the most unique historical cinema in the country "Zhovten". In my current position a cinema chief manager, I have experience in organizing and supervising events in all stages and areas, both related to cultural and art. 


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