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This year, our Platinum Castle will go to Marcel Łoziński, one of the most distinctive virtuosos of authorial documentary cinema. In 2016, his masterpiece Anything Can Happen won the popular vote for the best Polish documentary to date. The audience of the 2018 IDFF Off Cinema in Poznań will no doubt have the exceptional opportunity to meet the outstanding filmmaker, not to mention enjoying his works on screen. Several years ago, Piotr Pławuszewski wrote the following for the festival catalogue: “Winner of numerous national and international awards and, he has been one of the stalwart pillars of Polish documentary cinema since the early 1970s. Seen through the lens of his camera, a holiday camp for young couples became a shocking metaphor of Poland under the former political system (Recipe for Life [1977, premiere in 1981]). A young employee of a plant’s own broadcasting desk suffered the hardships of struggling for a moment of truth (Microphone Test [1980]). The breadth of railway tracks marked the gulf that divided two worlds (89 mm from Europe [1993] – nominated for the Academy Award). A boy on a scooter asked questions about life and death with the astuteness of an antique philosopher (Anything Can Happen [1995]), while the charisma of Urszula Flis, a woman single-handedly running a farm, left no one unmoved (So It Doesn't Hurt [1998]). There also came the time to direct the camera onto himself, which yielded his Father and Son on a Journey [2013], where both set out to Paris, travelling into the past and one’s own self as well.” Marcel Łoziński will receive his Platinum Castle during the award ceremoy on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. You are welcome to join us then!