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JURY 2020


Ilan Avisar – Chair of the Jury

Prof. Ilan Avisar teaches at the School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University.  He served as a professional consultant for the Israel Film Fund and a member of the Israel Film Council.  Between 2010-2014 he was the chairman of the Second Authority, the public authority that regulates and supervises commercial broadcasting in Israel. Prof. Avisar is an author of several books and numerous articles, including SCREENING THE HOLOCAUST: CINEMA’S IMAGES OF THE UNIMAGINABLE, VISIONS OF ISRAEL: ISRAELI FILMMAKERS AND IMAGES OF THE JEWISH STATE. Prof. Avisar co-produced the award-winning GIRLFRIENDS, a documentary on Holocaust survivors from Latvia. Prof. Avisar served as juror and chairperson at numerous film festivals in Israel, Romania, and the USA.             

Antonio Zagal

Born in Santiago de Chile, Antonio Zagal began working in documentary productions in 2016, travelling all over Chile and Los Angeles, California while filming. He graduated from Chile’s Film School in 2019 and debuted the same year with the documentary short A Happy Marriage, which won him Zloty Zamek for best documentary short at the 23rd International Documentary Film Festival OFF Cinema. The picture was also screened in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, India and Spain. Since graduating, Antonio produced the documentary short film Las Brigidas and began working at Chile’s Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage.

Anna Misiak

Former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Southern California, Anna Misiak holds a PhD from the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is a senior lecturer in Film and MA Film & TV course coordinator. She authored one monograph, Kinematograf kontrolowany (2006). Between 2013-2016, Anna was an investigator on an international research project, Documentary in V4 Countries. In 2015, she won the Leverhulme Trust Fellowship to develop her archive documentary study, Life Under Communism. She had lectured in film, media, sociology, and culture studies at the American Studies Centre, Warsaw University and at Warsaw Higher School for Humanities. Currently she is MA Film & Television Course Leader in Falmouth University.


Piotr Jaxa-Kwiatkowski – Chair of the Jury

Cinematographer and photographer, graduate from the Faculty of Cinematography at the Łódź Film School; his filmography so far spans several dozen documentaries and feature films made in Poland and worldwide.  Jaxa’s work has been shown and won awards at the festivals in Cannes, Mannheim, Krakow, Los Angeles and Berlin. After 36 years spent in Switzerland, Jaxa moved to Poland in 2019 to continue his work there. Member of the Polish Society of Cinematographers since 2020 and the Swiss Cinematographer Society; in 2009, his lifetime achievement brought him the Lohn-Ammannseg Award and a place on the Schweizer Filmakademie. To crown his photographic collaboration with Krzysztof Kieślowski on the set of Three Colours (Blue, White, Red), he compiled the exhibition Remembering Krzysztof, which has toured around the world since 1994 (over 25 shows in 15 countries). Since 1995, Piotr Jaxa-Kwiatkowski has been working on a new project of a book and exhibition entitled Cinematographers, a collection of portraits of people behind the camera from around the world.

Barbara Pawłowska

Journalist, reporter, documentarian, teacher, holder of a doctorate in film and theatre arts. Vice-rector for student affairs and lecturer at the Warsaw Film School (documentary film studio). Pawłowska also conducts classes at the SWPS University (art of reportage and documentary film academy). For more than three decades, she has been associated with Telewizja Polska, making  reportages (e.g. for the Ekspres Reporterów series) and documentaries. Also, as the head of the TVP 1 Documentary Department—a post she held for over 10 years—Pawłowska commissioned and coproduced documentaries which went on to win numerous major awards at Polish and international festivals. Dasza, a film she directed, won her the Jury Prize at the Canton Film Fest and one of the main prizes at the Media Festival, while her Przedszkolandia was a documentary series with the highest ratings in television history (over 5 million viewers). In addition, Pawłowska is the chair of the Film School Section at the Polish Producers Alliance, a member of the Polish Filmmakers Association and an expert consultant for the Polish Film Institute.


Rafał Łysak

Rafał Łysak completed the documentary and screenwriting course at the Wajda School, a screenwriting course at the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Science, as well as graduated in Acting from the Łódź Film School. His debut documentary, Unconditional Love (2018) won a number of awards at  Polish and international festivals, such as the Golden Hobby-Horse at the Krakow Film Festival in  2018, Grand Prix Złoty Zamek at the 2019 OFF CINEMA in Poznań, Zoobroffka in Białystok, Best Documentary Prize at the Molodist Film Festival in Kyiv, Filmmaker of the Year Award at the West Lake International Documentary Festival in China, and others besides. His filmography also includes a short feature entitled The Kiss as well as two music videos.  Łysak is working on further documentary projects and develops his feature debut, pitched this year at the Kameralne Lato Festival in Radom.