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HE DREAMS OF GIANTS, dir. Keith Fulton / Louis Pepe, UK 2019, 85'

SCREENING: 18.10.2020, g. 18.30 

"Don Gilliam and the Giants is a story about the power of human persistence and faith in dreams. After 30 years of fighting, which Terry Gilliam fought with adversity, with film industry, but above all with himself, the director completed his most difficult work in many ways. Documentary filmmakers Keith Fulton and Luis Pepe take us, once again, behind the scenes of "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", where the leading roles are played by world-class stars. Oscar nominees Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce created an electrifying duo not only on screen but also off screen. The film is a continuation the famous "Lost in La Mancha".

Language: English with Polish subtitles


Screening place: Cinema Hall

ticket: 15 zł

target audience: teen, adult