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Il Dono


IL DONO. ANDRIEJ TARKOWSKI, dir. Giuliano Fratini, Italy 2019, 89'

SCREENING: 15.10.2020, g. 21.15

The year is 1983. Andrei Tarkovsky’s permit to work abroad has expired and he is legally required to return home. He is in Italy, shooting the film “Nostalgia”. He understands from the messages of some friends and colleagues that the Soviet Union is not awaiting him with open arms. His life there will be even tougher than before. So he decides to break with Soviet authorities and, a year before the Milan conference during which he will publicly announce his decision, he leaves his friends who are hosting him in Rome and goes into hiding. The documentary traces the reasons why Tarkovsky decided to give up the life he had led till then and hide in an unknown location. Even there, he cannot feel safe. The Soviets with their apparatus do not let their citizens go that easily. The documentary features archival recordings and interviews with witnesses to those events, including Krzysztof Zanussi and Giuseppe Lanci.

Language: Italian with Polish and English subtitles

Screening place: Cinema Hall

tickets: 20 zł

target audience: teen, adult