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Munk's Studio Presents: The Best of polish short documentaries


Munk's Studio Presents: The Best of polish short documentaries, 93'

SCREENING: 18.10.2020, h. 14.30

Munk's Studio produces over 20 films by young artists yearly. Among them are debut documentary films that are being recognized on most importants festivals both national and abroad. In this set you will see 4 films, produces over recent years, which represent the divercity of topics and forms of Munk's Studio productions.



"Between Us" is an intimate portrait of three relationships. The couples decide to have an honest conversation initiated by a set of seemingly simple questions. Slowly, a space for an exchange of hidden emotions and confessions is created. "Between Us" is a depiction of contemporary love with a generous seasoning of humour.

BETWEEN US, dir. Dorota Proba, Poland, 2020, 53’


After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters exchanged years ago between his Polish mother and his father, a Kurd living in Iraq. This is an opportunity for him to find out more about his father, who he never knew. The juxtaposition of animated drawings and archival material takes us back forty years into the past and enables us not only to feel the emotions linking the lovers living in different parts of the world, but also to uncover an extraordinary family secret.

WE HAVE ONE HEART, dir. Katarzyna Warzecha, Poland, 2020, 11'


The Though carries a lot of meanings: defiant, vicious, resistant, relentless, strong, resilient, cold, hard. The film's protagonist had a reason to choose this name for his discovery - a place he has to face where he learns about all those characteristics tangibly and literally the hard way. It stirs his imagination while abruptly and obsessively pushes him forward. The camera follows him, step by step, taking part in the exploration of the spaces never seen before, which more and more fiercely resist the delicate human matter.

THE THOUGH, dir. Marcin Polar, Poland, 2019, 14'


Stanisław Radwan, a charismatic composer, is working on the music for a play, creating it not only from musical tones, but also from other sounds, like the actors’ footsteps, whispers, shouts and screams.

RADWAN, dir. Teresa Czepiec, Poland, 2018, 15'


Screening place: Cinema Hall

ticket: 15 zł

target audience: teen, adult