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Marian Marzyński is the only filmmaker in the history of documentary cinema whose autobiographical cinematic essays encompass the fates of a Polish and Jewish immigrant. 

Meeting with the director, now living permanently in the United States, will be one of the most important events of the Festival. The Platinum Castle will be presented to Mariusz Marzyński during the award ceremony on October 19th, 2019

As early as the 1960s, he made a name for himself in Polish film, using the novel documentary method originating with the cinema vérité (based on shooting spontaneous interviews “in the street”). In the excellent Return of the Ship (1963), his camera and microphone captured the former Polish emigrants returning to their homeland aboard the M.S. Batory. From then on, the theme of exiles and wanderers from Poland would recur throughout his oeuvre. His unique Skibet (1970-2010) documents—in a very direct, first-hand fashion—the life of Polish emigrants of Jewish origin who arrived in Denmark after the events of March 1968.

Several years later, as a lecturer at a film school in the United States (Gus van Sant being one of his students), he made Return to Poland (1982), a film about Poland during the heyday of Solidarity. The autobiographical element in the latter picture, drawing on the Holocaust and Marzyński’s own story of a child who was smuggled out of the ghetto and survived, became a motif that returned in other major works concerned with his past: Shtetl (1996), Never Forget to Lie (2012) and the documentary which took 30 years to make: Anya. In and Out of Focus (2004), which portrays the growing up of his daughter. 

Three film blocks and meetings with the director are planned during the festival.

Please visit Marian Marzyński's website, comprehensively presenting the director's filmography: